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Having Ideas

Title: Agile, Not Linear
Author: Neil Perkin
Description: "Agile, Not LinearĒ: the importance of introducing a new approach to building responsive capability in organisations for dealing with complex and potentially disrupted environments.
Title: Letting Go
Author: Neil Perkin
Description: The value of letting your ideas go and not fighting to retain ownership.
Title: Never Underestimate Your Customer
Author: Jonathan Barrett
Description: ďNever Underestimate Your CustomerĒ:†Donít assume that your customer isnít capable of appreciating benefits to you, as beneficial to them.
Title: Pre-Inventing Web 2.0
Author: Chris Shilling
Description: The importance of thinking long-term when creating new technologies Ė always consider their potential impact.
Title: Putting Sales & Marketing First
Author: Jonathan Barrett
Description: The more innovative the product or service, the harder and more expensive it will be to get the message across.
Title: Share & Share Alike
Author: Emma Barrett
Description: Learning lessons from others and not making the assumption that someone hasnít already solved your problem and isnít ready to share their experiences with you.
Title: The Humble Business Card
Author: Andrew Loveless
Description: The importance of accepting and keeping your eyes open for new business models.
Title: The Unforseen Consequences of a New Strategy
Author: Andrew Loveless
Description: What actually happens when you deploy a new idea for delivering value in your business.
Title: The Value of Keeping Your Eyes Open and Your Ears Open and Your Mouth Shut
Author: Trudy Thompson
Description: The solutions and ideas you need to inspire you are staring you in the face, the people you need may be the person next to you.
Title: Toy Story
Author: Vikki Cobb
Description: Innovative ideas can come from anywhere, as long as you let yourself think laterally.
Title: When Will You Call Me Stupid?
Author: Emma Barrett
Description: Donít make assumptions about peopleís ability to succeed.
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