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Selling Ideas

Title: Polish your Diamond
Author: Simeon Stewart
Description: Don't over-protect your diamond, work with people to develop your idea.
Title: Putting Sales & Marketing First
Author: Jonathan Barrett
Description: The more innovative the product or service, the harder and more expensive it will be to get the message across.
Title: R2D2-2
Author: Chris Shilling
Description: The power of using viral marketing to advertise, popularise and embed innovation into the heart of the organisation.
Title: Show Them
Author: Neil Perkin
Description: “Show Them”: The importance of using examples and prototypes to show the value of an idea.
Title: The Journey
Author: Neil Perkin
Description: “The Journey”: The importance of understanding that not everyone has been on the same intellectual journey that you have (and the importance of bringing them along with you).
Title: Time to Market
Author: Jonathan Barrett
Description: “Time to Market and Prototypes”: How long are you willing to wait before you start to create revenue? The longer you wait, the more it costs you.
Title: Under-promise and Over-achieve
Author:Emma Barrett
Description: Pointers on how to innovate, manage yourself as an innovator and the importance of demonstrating value in a risk-averse culture.
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